The Summit Soap Story

Summit Soap began as a question between friends: How can we take recovered materials generated in our community and locally manufacture a quality product for everyday use?

Today, we are proud to offer a variety of eco-friendly products for both personal care and business use. Handcrafted in Colorado, we use our demanding mountain playground for real life product testing.       

Each product is specially formulated to deliver an inspiring experience for both your mind and body. Breath in aromatic essential oils, knowing every ingredient is 100% natural. Our all-natural, biodegradable products contain no nastiness—no synthetic fragrances, sulfates, phosphates, parabens, or petrochemicals. 

As a community driven company, we engage with individuals, business, nonprofits, and municipalities to promote and educate others about the benefits of extended life products. We significantly reduce our footprint by sourcing second life-cycle ingredients, ingredients that have previously completed a useful life-cycle or are no longer able to be used in a certain application.

Our goal is to provide solutions for organizations and individuals with healthy products, made locally, at a great price.


Please lather responsibly...

    Save water; shower with a friend.